Come Celebrate the Iditarod Daze at Pakalolo Oceanside!

The long-awaited start of the 47th Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race kicked off today in downtown Anchorage on 4th Avenue right in front of our Pakalolo Oceanside location.  Come join the festivities and celebrate our furry friends with your Pakalolo Ohana! We have some awesome sales on flower, prerolls and concentrates including $5 Maui Pineapple Chunk Prerolls for members of our Ohana club. Not a member? Sign up today! If you aren’t in Anchorage today, don’t stress because the sales are extended to our Fairbanks location as well 😉


If that’s not enough excitement for you don’t forget the Annual Running of the Reindeer takes place today at 4pm! Racers in costumes make a mad dash down the 4th Avenue in front of stampeding reindeer 😀


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While you are here get your last entries in for the Hawaiian Vacation Sweepstakes coming to an end on March 4th!


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Einstein Labs and Irie CBD Hits the Menu, Hawaiian Vacation Sweepstakes Continues!

Alohas and salutations! Welcome to the Pakablog Oceanside where you can keep up to date on everything going on at our Anchorage location including products, sales, events and more.  Why don’t we jump right in because we got a few things to share with you already. Our friends over at Einstein Labs dropped by over the weekend to hook us up with a bunch of new products.  We also now have CBD Wellness Drops on the menu from local supplier Irie Company.  Oh and did I mention when you come down to our shop you can enter to win a Hawaiian vacation once a day…? I know, it’s pretty epic! More on that shortly but first lets take a closer look at what’s new on the menu.

Einstein Labs has Landed


The hard work that goes on over at Einstein Labs does not go unnoticed! By that I mean they have the skills to pay the bills and we absolutely love having their product on our shelves.  They are consistently pushing the envelope with innovative new products.  They have a lot of cool things coming down the pipe but in the mean time we have some of their current cool things 😉


Distillate (0.5g) for $70

Fruity Pebbles (Indica) @ 80.5% THC (Yes, it tastes exactly like Fruity Pebbles!)

Strawberry Lemonade (Hybrid) @ 74.2% THC

Watermelon (Sativa) @ 76.7% THC

Sour Diesel (Sativa) @ 85% THC

Standard Extract (0.5g) for $50

Raspberry (Indica) @ 47.2% THC

Cantaloupe @ (Hybrid) @ 49.1% THC

Mango (Indica) @ 51.8% THC [Slim top (0.33g) for $30]

If you like vaping with these incredibly convenient and easy to use prefilled cartridges we highly recommend Einstein Labs product.  If you aren’t interested in any of these flavors don’t forget we also have plenty CO2 cartridges from Top Hat Cannabis and Turnagain Herb Company!

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Einstein also dropped off one of the most popular edibles on the Alaska market. The Delicious, soft and chewy candies called Leafchews.  They come in 50mg 10-packs for $45. Each candy is about as big as your thumbnail @ 5mg.  They are easy to keep on you and don’t take up a lot of room in your stomach making it easy to get where you wanna be on the go.  We have them in 4 different flavors. My personal favorite is Cookies and Cream… Yummy!

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Irie CBD Wellness Drops


Introducing CBD Wellness Drops from the local drive through juice and smoothie bar on 7th Avenue, Irie Company. Whole plant Full Spectrum CBD oil in MCT and best of all its made IN Alaska! This is the good stuff, folks. We have it in the 3 different sizes pictured above: 125mg, 250mg and 500mg. Stop by Pakalolo Oceanside today to give them a shot (drop)!


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Keep your eye on the prize because you don’t want to miss out on your chance to take flight to the islands! You can enter once a day and the more you enter the better your chances are of winning this awesome vacation. Thanks for stopping by to chat with us.  We hope to see you down at Oceanside this week. Don’t forget to check back each week for new posts. Mahalo and remember to hang loose.


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